Otterworks Splinterlands Services

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based collectible card game with real card ownership and a decentalized asset market. Otterworks provides third-party services for players and asset owners.

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Ottermaker buys cards for DEC. You can get 101% of the per-bcx burn price on any non-max Splinterlands card simply by gifting it to @ottermaker within the game or on Peakmonsters. DEC will be sent as Steem-Engine transfers automatically.

Card Values

Rarity Beta/Reward Alpha/Promo Untamed
Common 15.15 30.3 10.1
Rare 60.6 121.2 40.4
Epic 303 606 202
Legendary 1515 3030 1010
Gold Common 757.5 1515 505
Gold Rare 3030 6060 2020
Gold Epic 15150 30300 10100
Gold Legendary 75750 151500 50500


Ottermaker also sells UNTAMED packs for 1800 DEC apiece. To purchase, send DEC to @ottermaker on Steem-Engine, and UNTAMED tokens will automatically be sent to you. (Please allow one minute.) To convert tokens to packs in the game, send them to @steemmonsters.

Herons Unlimited


Herons Unlimited is an automatic staking management service for Splinterlands. We bring together card delegators and people who want to play for a split of earnings/winnings, and provide an automated system of rewards management and distribution. Playing and daily/season rewards are paid out in DEC. 

  • Automatic conversion of Reward cards to DEC through Ottermaker
  • Automatic withdrawal of DEC to Steem-Engine and split between owner and player
  • Automatic timely claiming and rejecting of daily quests

Currently most Herons Unlimited business is transacted through the Otterworks Discord. I'm working on bringing more of it to this website, and some preliminary tools are already available:

The old simple weekly reports will continue at least briefly as I'm working on account management before replacing them.